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Grill Grate for Crucible Fire Pit & Grill


Buy Multiple and Save $$

Each 12" grill grate has 113 square inches of cooking surface, large enough for several serious steaks! Plus the cutout design keeps your sausages from rolling into the flames. 

Save $10 for each additional grill grate you purchase for your Crucible Fire Pit & BBQ. Three grill plates combined provide a whopping 2.4 sq ft of cooking surface. More than enough to feed your family, friends, and camping buddies.

Handle with Care

If you haven't already, you should consider the Firebrand Signature Flare Set. It includes the Infernorator fireplace poker and powerful Viper Tongs which fit seamlessly with Crucible. You can safely adjust and carry the Crucible’s leaves and grill plates, or flip your steaks at just the right moment. 

Each Grill Grate:

  • Diameter: 12"
  • Carbon steel