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Flare Set - Fireplace Tool Set

Stainless and Black
Stainless and Tan
Black and Black
Black and Tan

The Firebrand Flare Set combines the innovative Infernorator fireplace poker with the stunning Viper Tongs firewood tool displayed proudly on an elegant walnut and steel stand. Your family, friends, and neighbors will be impressed by the artistry and utility of these finely crafted tools.


Click here to view detailed technical specifications for the Infernorator, Viper Tongs, and Flare Set.

The Original Blow-through Fire Poker

Infernorator Fire Poker

The Infernorator is the original blow-through fireplace poker. It is known for its ingenious feature where you blow through the mouthpiece to stoke the fire. The Infernorator fireplace tool has become an iconic treasure seen nestled next to fireplaces in homes, lodges, and resorts throughout New Zealand and Australia. 

Viper Tongs

The Viper Tongs are simply the best fireplace tongs ever designed. Strong, tough, and arresting. They can withstand the heat, help tend the fire, and maintain their beauty for years to come. Plus they're perfect for flipping serious steaks on the grill.

Crucible Fire Pit

The Flare Set is the ideal accessory for the Firebrand Crucible fire pit and BBQ. You can stoke the embers, fan the flames, and safely adjust and carry the Crucible’s leaves and grill plates with this masterfully designed fire tool.