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August 14, 2022 2 min read

Remarkably Powerful, Venturi Effect

Firebrand’s Infernorator is the fire enthusiast’s greatest ally. It is a steel fireplace blow-through poker that is not only used to tend to your fireplace or campfire; it is essential to keep your fire burning hot.

This unique fireside poker was designed for optimal air flow to blast your fire to life with minimal effort. Grab the outdoor fireplace poker by the elegant and insulated leather handle grip when you want to start your fire or if your fire is dying out. You can give the wood a few pokes, make adjustments, add more kindling or firewood, and then gently blow into the top of the poker to get the fire blazing.

You will be at a safe distance to avoid getting smoke and sparks in your eyes. It goes without saying that the fireplace poker is extremely safe – it is after all, fireproof. To complement this fire tool, you can add in the stylish fireplace poker stand and fireplace tongs for the coolest fire tool set for your portable fire pit.

How does the Venturi Effect work with the fire pit steel poker?

The blueprint for the Infernorator is based on the ‘Venturi Effect’. It is the natural ventilation that can be used in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Giovanni Battista Venturi observed that when fluid, gas, or air moves through a confined passage, its velocity increases but its pressure decreases. Within a well-built confined route, the outcome is increased airflow, increased speed, and reduced pressure. That’s easy to understand, right? Because the air pressure inside the fireside poker is constant, the air molecules must accelerate to pass through the constriction.

This means you do not have to move a huge quantity of air through the Infernorator and blow till you are blue in the face. Venturi’s discovery has helped in designing this simple but effective fireplace poker blower. That little nugget of knowledge is actually a huge scientific jackpot. It is a really neat way to move and push air through the steel rod using the gentle motion of your breath.

This Venturi Effect is seen in thousands of commercial products from atomizers to carburetors to scuba diving and even wine aerators.

Who was Venturi and did he like to BBQ?

Father Venturi was an 18th-century Italian polymath, and ordained priest, who excelled at a wide range of subjects. If we look back at history, both boar and pig have been roasted outdoors for many centuries, and Italians in particular were well-known for curing and smoking meat from wood smoke. So, based on this, we could safely assume that Venturi most probably did partake and enjoy the art of barbecuing. ;-) You can maintain that tradition with the Crucible fire pit and grill!