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August 14, 2022 2 min read

Strong, Tough, and Arresting

The Firebrand Viper Tongs is a fantastic tool that every fire aficionado should have next to their fireplace or wood fire pit. If you have been hunting for the ultimate fire tong instrument, then you have come to the right place!

Remarkably Strong

The Viper Fireplace Tongs are constructed from stainless steel finished off with a walnut leather handle. Stainless steel has a high resistance to corrosion, fire, and heat, and warping. It is a robust, long-lasting material with excellent impact resistance. Because stainless steel is so resistant to brittleness at both high and low temperatures, it always maintains this shape.

Stainless steel is a highly hygienic material since it is so simple to clean and disinfect. Because of its smooth, sheen-like, and non-porous exterior, dirt, dust, and bacteria do not get established. This ensures that the forged fireplace tongs will be long-lasting and durable.

Incredibly Tough

The fireplace log tongs are perfect for those tough jobs around the fire such as handling burning logs and hot embers. The hooks allow you to effortlessly grip the wood log and move them around. When taking up a log from the fire, make sure the tongs have a tight grip around the log before moving scorching hot items around the fire.

Doing an outdoor cookout for a bunch of mates can also be a tough job but the Viper Tongs can be used for grilling so you can effortlessly show off your chef skills. Remember not to touch the hot metal arm against your skin when using the fireplace tongs. When you are not using the Viper Tongs, you can store them on the stylish fireplace poker stand.

Visually Arresting

Firebrand’s Flare Set is an elegant and attractive fire tool set made from stainless steel. This material has stood the test of time and remains a popular choice for functional and ornamental utensils. Another great reason for choosing this fireplace poker set is that stainless steel is one of the best “green” materials as it is 100 percent recyclable and there are no hazardous chemicals that run-off during the manufacturing process.

While your fireplace equipment might provide a beautiful aesthetic touch to your portable fire pit, they were all designed with a specific purpose in mind. The Flare Set includes the fireplace poker and tongs, and handy fireplace poker stand giving you everything you need to make an impressive BBQ fire pit.