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August 14, 2022 2 min read

Friendly Fire

The Infernorator is a must-have addition to your fireplace or Crucible portable fire pit from Firebrand. This tool is designed to perform manifold duties to start, stoke, and maintain your fire as well as being a handy device to manoeuvre the fire pit grill plates.

When ancient man discovered how to make fire, he discovered that a tiny gust of wind is key to having consistent hot flames. Modern man has learned from this and that is why the fireplace blow poker is essential for anyone needing to fan the flames.

Fireplace Blow Poker versus Bellows

You can do so much more with a fireplace poker blower than you can with bellows. While both blow air to fuel the fire, with the fireplace poker you do not have to get up close and personal with the inferno. It is safer to get your flare fires when you can stand back, take aim, and blow at the base of the fire. And a good fireplace blow poker doubles as a fireside poker – and bellows are not pokers.

How Does a Blow-through Fireplace Poker Work?

The first time you see Firebrand’s Infernorator in action, it will forever change the way you feel about fires.

Starting the Fire

Get the kindling started and aim the fireside poker at the base of the fire. Pucker your lips and softly blow a couple of times on both sides of the fire. And that’s pretty much it. The Infernorator does the rest. The blowing force does not need to be hard and intense. Longer, steady blows will sustain your fire with a good injection of oxygen. You will not impair the fire by blowing too hard, or by blowing in the wrong place. And you will learn very quickly how to perfect your technique with the fireplace poker blower.

Stoking the Fire

It is a stainless steel, fire-proof rod with a leather handle to absorb the heat while keeping your hands free from burn. The forked end of the fireplace poker can be used to rake coals and move wood logs to tend to the fire.

Fanning the Flames

You can also blow to feed in oxygen to get the fire blazing. Because the Infernorator is designed using the ‘Venturi Effect,’ this fireside poker simply needs the gentle motion of your breath to get a languid fire sizzling. The natural ventilation produces a fast and effective blast of air that will kickstart your fire pit and keep the night ablaze.

Moving the Grill Plates

Once your fire has roared into action, the Crucible BBQ Fire Pit’s leaves will be hot. The fire poker’s forked hooks can adjust the leaves and affix and remove one or multiple grills onto the steel fire pit.

The Complete Fire Tool Set

`The outdoor fire pit is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport. The versatile carbon steel grill plates offer a spacious cooking surface, which can later be converted into a spark guard when letting the fire burn out. The Firebrand Flare Set includes the fireplace poker stand and fireplace poker and tongs is an indispensable addition to your Crucible BBQ Fire Pit, providing everything you need for camp fire, BBQs, outdoor parties, camping, and more.