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August 14, 2022 2 min read

Pack It and Take it

Enjoy a quiet mid-week fire, a weekend barbeque with friends, and nights out camping with your Firebrand Crucible BBQ fire pit. Made with Corten steel that produces a patina finish, your outdoor fire pit will take centre stage wherever you go. It has 9 adjustable leaves and a carbon steel grill plate used for tasty cookouts or as a spark guard once the night is winding down. Ideal for cooking, keeping warm, and roasting marshmallows, the steel fire pit is what you need to add some theatre to your outdoor cooking experience.

A Cook Up For All Seasons

Barbequing is a popular summer pastime, so it is often relegated to some damp deck corner as we shift dining to indoors for winter. But the encroaching cold doesn't mean it is time to hang up your fireplace tongs. Winter evenings are just as fun with a wood fire pit injecting its charm for a cosy ambience.

The change of season is a great opportunity to get together with friends and family around the backyard fire pit and explore the pleasures of lip-smacking cuisine. It is also an ideal time to experiment with seasonal ingredients and create fresh and fascinating meals infused with the smoky essence of the barbeque. 

Tip: Pickup a copy of The Fish+Game Cookbook by Angelo Georgalli for some excellent recipes!

Choosing Good Wood

With the wood fire pit, you can use soft woods like cypress, macrocarpa, rimu, kauri, or cedar. They are easier to light and quicker to burn, and are perfect for quick, convenient barbeques. Hard woods like puriri, kanuka, and manuka burn longer and give off a combination of flavours and aromas while forming lasting hot coals for hours of cooking entertainment.

Fire It Up!

Whether you’re entertaining at home or taking your portable fire pit to an outdoor jolly, assembling the slick and strong fire pit is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Attach the steel leaves and stands to the base. Start the fire and use the leaves to control the flame intensity and redirect any smoke.

Step 2: Close the leaves and place the grill plate on top for an evening of cooking and good company.

Step 3: When you dismantle the fire pit, it packs down flat with a base diameter of 550mm and carried in the Firebrand heavy-duty carry bags; one for the fit pit and one for the leaves. It can be easily slipped into any space for transport and storage.