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August 14, 2022 2 min read

Adapts to Your Needs

Perfect for family, social, and quieter moments, the Firebrand Crucible BBQ Fire Pit can be setup anywhere and used all year round. The outdoor fire pit serves up flames for hot summer cookouts and warmth for cosy, cold evenings under the night sky.

Easy to assemble, transport, and move around the garden, Firebrand’s Fire Pit is built for multiple uses while transforming the atmosphere of every outdoor space – you could be grilling up a scrumptious bite in the wilderness or having a family barbeque at home.

With social gatherings and home entertainment areas seeing a renewed focus, the Corten steel fire pit is a fitting addition to reinvigorate your social home hub and accentuate outdoor areas with its crafted rustic design.

One Grill, Two Grills, Three Fire Pit Grills More

The Crucible wood fire pit is the quintessential campfire, yet stylish, charming, and highly practical. Its unique style adapts to your gastronomic preferences whether it's cooking for 1 or 10. The fire pit comes with a carbon steel grill plate, with the option to buy an extra pair. When the steel pit leaves are open, up to 3 grills can be attached at the same time. 

Having multiple cooking zones gives you space to prepare a spread of different meats, fish, chicken, and roasted veg. And everyone gets to eat at the same time – no more delays or undercooked food.

To get the very best flavours, mastering the grill’s heat and working with the different temperatures is key. When you optimise the heat for a particular food, you’re either going to maximise the flavour or burn it, so using direct and indirect heat at the right time will consistently deliver finger-lickin’ meals.

Now We’re Cooking

As the hero of the grill, you need the right fire tools to wield, and no barbie is complete without a fireplace poker and tongs. Tools are a must, and so is having a good range of rubs, seasonings, and sauces for a tenderly delicious indulgence.

While flavourings typically go directly on the food, adding herbs to the cooking fire will elevate your barbecued dishes with a rich aroma. Woody herbs like thyme, rosemary, and sage are grilling superstars (especially when fresh).

So, whether your grilling experience is limited to roasting a hot dog over a smoking branch, or you have years of grills under your belt, you will just be scratching the surface of an exciting and experimental journey with your Crucible fire pit.